Hello, Earthling!

artsy animated gif

I'm Leszek, a hypothetical polymath, hungry for meaning, order, and simplicity.

I live in Poland with my über-awesome wife Natalia and our three dogs: Antek, Basia & Krysia.

My D&D character would be a liberal multiclassing programmer/illustrator/designer with atheist/vegan alignment and nonbinary (it/it) gender. A dense sentence, sorry.

I'm phone-shy, so I prefer old fashioned communication: smutnyleszek@gmail.com.

My online presence:

  1. Portfolio – a few design, illustration and code projects.
  2. Github – where I keep all my code.
  3. Quora – me being helpful and witty with Q&A.
  4. RYM & Last.fm – my taste in music.
  5. Instagram – personal pics.
  6. StackExchange – use daily :heart:, participate yearly :sadface:.
  7. Qwerty – netart-wannabe experiments.
  8. Dyspoezja – piszę niewiersze w języku polskim.
  9. The Noun Project – my collections of icons for CC or $$.


PS. A short list for conversationalists out there: